Lukas Graham – Not A Damn Thing Changed

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Not A Damn Thing Changed – Not A Damn Thing Changed

"Not A Damn Thing Changed" is a Pop song by Pop, soul, funk singer "Not A Damn Thing Changed" from the studio album "3 (The Purple Album)". This song's duration is (3:13 min) and available in digital [mp3] download format on music online shopping store Apple Music/iTunes & Amazon Music.

The song Not A Damn Thing Changed is written by Morten "Rissi" Ristorp, Don Stefano, Hennedub, David LaBrel, Hedegaard & Lukas Forchhammer Graham, produced by Hennedub & Morten "Rissi" Ristorp and was released in ctober 12, 2018.

Not A Damn Thing Changed” is the second single following “Love Someone” as a part of the 2018 album, 3 (The Purple Album).

With assistance from Danish producers, Rissi and Hennedub, Lukas Graham have created an intense, piano-driven track about loyalty to the lead singer’s friends from his old neighboorhood, Christiania, as pictured on the song’s artwork. In addition, Lukas dedicated the song to an old friend, William, who hung himself same year as release.

The song was played during their Danish festival tour in the summer of 2018 and teased on Instagram and Twitter a few days before release.

"Not A Damn Thing Changed - Not A Damn Thing Changed" music tracks are listed as follows:

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Lukas Graham

Artist: Lukas Graham

Genre: Pop, soul, funk

3 (The Purple Album)

Music Album: 3 (The Purple Album)

Genre: Pop