twenty one pilots – Smithereens

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Smithereens – twenty one pilots

"Smithereens" is a Alternative song by Alternative hip hop, indie pop, pop rock, rap rock singer "twenty one pilots" from the studio album "Trench". This song's duration is (2:57 min) and available in digital [mp3] download format on music online shopping store Apple Music/iTunes & Amazon Music.

The song Smithereens is written by Paul Meany & Tyler Joseph, produced by Tyler Joseph & Paul Meany and was released in October 5, 2018.

Tyler Joseph writes a “slick song” for his wife, Jenna Joseph about getting in a fight to protect her in “Smithereens.”

This track shares Tyler’s love for Jenna and demonstrates that despite twenty one pilots' boom in popularity over the past few years, he still wants to write a song for his wife, and doesn’t care if listeners think he’s “selling out” because of it.

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Twenty One Pilots

Artist: Twenty One Pilots

Genre: Alternative hip hop, indie pop, pop rock, rap rock


Music Album: Trench

Genre: Alternative